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A rare all leather officer's pickelhaube worn by an officer in either Hanoverian Regiment 74, 77 or 78. All leather skull with minor crazing and slight shrinkage to the leather around the circular spike base. The gilt to the back strap, removable tall officers spike, circular spike base, Prussian helmet plate with Waterloo scroll and flat front chin scales all matching in colour and condition. The helmet is complete with its officers national and state cockades. To the interior the green canvas like cloth behind the front peak and the red matching material behind the rear peak all intact. The leather sweat band does retain much original colour and has evidence of service use as does the grease stains to the upper inner section of the artificial silk inner liner and it is lightly shredded in places. These three infantry regiments all have the right to wear the Waterloo scroll on their helmet plates due to their participation at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.