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An scarce officers cap of the RAD, these are sometimes referred to as the Robin Hood cap due to their style. Most officers and other ranks caps are of pressed felt, however this is one of the rare examples made in a four pieced crowned heavy Tricot wool. The quality of the hat is extremely good and has the side air vents. The aluminium piping throughout is excellent and to the front there is a good matching officers RAD wire and silk embroidered badge. The lining of the cap is of a golden four piece silk configuration with a high quality leather headband. This hat has seen service and although it is in good overall condition with no moth damage there is considerable sweat and grease staining to the lining, clearly indicating that this officer saw much active duty. The RAD is an interesting unit and it actually did fight in combat operations and was engaged in many theatres of war including opposite British airborne troops at Arnhem, several units of the RAD were called into service and fought as foot infantry during this operation. A wonderful example of a classic piece of Third Reich headdress.