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A very rare item of German weapon equipment being the three legged mount known as the Lafette, for the mounting of the MG42 machine gun with deliberate modifications for use by mountain troopers. The mount in general is the standard MG42 mount with two rear legs and one front leg. Top flat plate and is complete with its optic sight mounting block, which is also a scarce item to obtain, the huge difference is the two back legs. The standard legs are fitted to the main frame and just swivel backwards and forwards. The mountain troopers modification ensures that the legs not only swing backwards and forwards but they have a further locking system which enables the legs to be spread sidewards away from the frame, so that the gun can be mounted in confined mountain crevices. We last had one of these over 20 years ago when we found one in amongst a group of 50, which came from the old East European Czech Republic just before 1989. It has suffered lightly from some corrosion but has not been immersed in water. The two front leather pads have been recovered and the whole item has been repainted, however all of its functions work. The remains of the ranging plate are still fitted to the rear of the sight. The original numbers have been picked out in white paint. Another feature of the mount that is unique to the mountain troopers variation mount is that the legs have an extension capability of much longer than the standard 42 mount. The legs are held in by a unique sprung loaded system, with the standard mount the legs are released to a certain length only by a lever of a sprung loaded catch. Plus, finally, the bases of the legs are more severely serrated than the standard mount legs for greater grip in the mountain terrain A very rare item of Third Reich mountain troopers equipment.