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A superb example of the Knights Cross to the Iron Cross having all of the correct features and construction of a Steinhauer & Luck production. The central iron core in excellent order with some light scratches to the blackened iron finish on the horizontal arms of the cross. The central swastika raised so that it is level with the ribbed frame of the award. As the middle is viewed from above the sides of the swastika can be seen at a slight angle. The centre core is magnetic. The frame itself retains at least 50% of its original silver wash. It is clearly marked on the upper frame below the ring 'No.4.' plus '800'. At one time during its life the ring itself may have taken a knock as the ring is slightly twisted. Complete with the award is its '800' silver marked loop and a short length of its correct ribbon with neck ties crudely attached on the reverse side. It has become incredibly difficult in the last years to obtain a genuine Knights Cross, we are given to understand that this particular example was brought back to the United States by a GI of WWII and was sold with his effects in the last 10 years.