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Probably one of the most if not the most historical item we have ever owned being Field Marshall Erwin Rommelís car pennant. This beautifully embroidered car pennant measuring 31 x 31cms, magnificently embroidered in gold and silver onto a field grey green backing cloth. The Field Marshallís batons being embroidered in Gold and Silver on red velvet batons with gold tress edging, this is a double sided pennant and is still enclosed in its original chromium plated frame, its vehicle fitting pole and still has its Perspex cover both sides of the pennant. It would appear that every German Field Marshall on promotion was given two Field Marshallís pennants for the use on two separate vehicles, when they were supplied they were all supplied with protective black field covers. It further appears that there were two patterns of the Field Marshallís car pennant, the first pattern having a slightly larger eagle and swastika than this example and photographic evidence suggests that Field Marshall Rommel was the only Field Marshall to have the second pattern with the slightly smaller eagle. In 2001 Manfred Rommel, then Mayor of Stuttgart, presented to the City of Stuttgart one of his fatherís car pennants with its original field cover along with many other of his artefacts, which included his Field Marshallís baton, his interim baton and all of his medals and awards from both wars, prior to this in approximately 1950 or 51. This pennant which was used more frequently at the front was gifted to the former British Army Brigadier Desmond Young MC, in 1949 Brigadier Desmond Young being a soldier from both wars decided to write the very first biography of Field Marshall Rommel entitled Rommel,Within the production period of the book Young became extremely friendly with Rommelís wife/widow and was made aware of the financial difficulties that the Rommel family were in, Desmond Young gifted any royalties from book sales of his subsequent book Rommel to Frau Rommel from sales of the book in Germany and in recognition of this Frau Rommel gifted Desmond Young the second car pennant. This pennant was subsequently used in the making of the film The Desert Fox, which was the 20th Century Fox production born out of Youngís book Rommel. After the death of Desmond Young the pennant was handed down to his daughter by decent and then onto his granddaughter, who recently offered this rare artefact of WWII for sale by public auction and Regimentals were the successful buyers.