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Over many years we have had a huge amount of body armours of all the different models, this is without doubt the most complete and finest condition body armour we have ever owned. A large size body armour complete with all its original field grey green paint finish with the abrasions, which can be seen from our web images. It is the model that is held to the wearer by a waist strap, we have never had one with the waist strap in-situ. To the interior the main chest section is rubber ink stamped size ‘1’. To the first of the lower plates it is rubber ink stamped ‘AK’. All of the horsehair pads are in place and stitched with original stitching to the canvas straps with a clear ‘Hanau’ maker’s mark to both of the canvas straps. The waist strap is a fabulous ersatz paper cloth constructed strap having a leather reinforced end and a width of ‘2.5cms’ which folds through the pre cast slot in the left hand side of the body armour with two zinc coloured adjuster buckles. The opposite end is a turn key, it is fitted to the paper cloth strap and reinforced by leather, to fit it is inserted into the smaller slot on the right hand side of the body armour and then it is turned to secure it to the wearer. Prospective overseas outside of UK purchasers should be reminded of the heavy postage cost through the weight of the item. We have no hesitation in the price we are asking for the unbelievably fantastic condition historical artefact of WWI.