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An untouched stored condition Allgemeine SS enlisted mans visor cap. The Allgemeine caps were produced in two totally different types of cloth, the ribbed black material and smooth without ribs, the most commonly encountered is the ribbed material. This is a classic construction black ribbed material semi saddle shaped visor cap. The crown has one very minute moth nip close to the front. The main upper body again is totally moth free. At the rear of the cap where the leather sweat band meets the lower body it would appear that some damage has taken place to the very narrow piece of black material just below the line of the white waffenfarbe, the black material has been broken for a length of 3cms. The white waffenfarbe around the crown, although not attacked by moth has shredded in places hopefully this can be seen on our web images. The central upper white waffenfarbe is near perfect and the lower white waffenfarbe has shredded in the area previously mentioned where the damage has occurred. The cap is fitted with its totally original leather double buckled chinstrap. The very finely silvered insignia is totally original and untouched to the cap. The fibre peak is RZM marked on the inner side. The leather sweat band has slightly discoloured probably from dampness although the sweat band is all complete and undamaged. The interior body is in the classic russet brown heavy cotton weave material where the upper crown is in the waterproof russet brown. The central lozenge has lost the lower part but with the upper part a good clear gold stamped runic symbol with one crack across the roundel. An original silk woven Reichsfuhrer SS label is also placed and machined in position below the lozenge. The interior of the brown leather sweat band is heavily stamped to an extent we have never observed before. In three places it is marked ‘VA 1938’ with two other blocks of other unidentified marking, which read ’18./SS 01.’ The original orange coloured foam cushion has solidified and broken away. The paper tuchmutze paper label, which is fixed to the interior lining has come adrift from that lining but is still present to the cap and we have attached the paper label to the brown leather sweat band by means of a paper clip. A very good example.