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An incredibly rare and superb condition Allgemeine Scharfuhrer's tunic whilst as a member of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. The Allgemeine uniforms generally came in two distinct types of cloth, the ribbed material and smooth Melton, this is a smooth Melton example of the standard configuration tunic. Open collar style, two upper pockets patch style with scalloped pocket flaps and central raised pleats, two lower angled pockets, non patch style, with scalloped pocket flaps. Four button construction, the rear having a double skirt. Central back seam. All of the buttons are RZM SS marked and match exactly. To the interior of the inside pocket is the canvas SS Rock issue label. The interior lining is of the black/grey heavy duty cotton twill with its inner bandage pocket, one inside pocket, two hidden pockets within the rear pleat, which is a carry over from the Imperial period. Both sleeves are lined with a light tan artificial silk material. Deep barrel cuffs The size stampings are clearly in white ink in the upper inner rear panel. There is a second bandage pocket on the inner left hand side of the jacket, which the top has never been opened. The exterior collar is trimmed in the black and silver twisted cord, which matches exactly in size and configuration as the waffenfarbe around the collar patches. The single shoulder board is of the lower rank style for the Allgemeine SS being button down, stitched to the tunic with black and silver twisted cord. The right hand collar patch as the tunic is worn is an officer quality heavy wire woven pair of SS runes, the opposite patch is plain black Melton with a single rank star to the centre. To the upper left sleeve is the Allgemeine SS armband, which has some discoloration and age spotting to the white field surrounding the central swastika and to the lower left hand sleeve is the RZM enlisted ranks Adolf Hitler script type cuff title in RZM weave. To the rear pleat of the tunic are two RZM SS marked belt ramps and to each side of the waist are twin pebbled aluminium RZM marked belt supports. This is a most superb condition piece, there is no moth damage or staining, it has every feature that collectors desire such as the RZM issue label, all SS marked buttons and belt ramps and would be the central point of any Allgemeine SS collection.