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New Items Added: 22nd May 2020  

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Friday 22nd of MAY

We have now updated the website.

We can be contacted out of hours by text on 07789005991


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It is now four years since we began our consignment service to customers and it has proved a most successful move, both for us and the consignors that have consigned to us over this period. We have handled hundreds of items from large collections to single higher value items, we have had individually, over fifty consignors and have achieved a 95% successful sales rate.

In May 2014 we received a superb collection of 26 fully dressed mannequins, mainly German Luftwaffe, RAF & USAAF items plus many other individual items from all era's totalling over 250 individual items.

Plus we have had many small groups of items consigned by various vendors.

What our customers say.

"In June 2013 I consigned to Regimentals 195 individual items from my WWI French, British and German collection. All items ranging in value from £8,000 down to £80. As of August 2014 only 27 items are left remaining for sale, I have been paid on a monthly basis as the items have sold. Regimentals sales record has been superb and there are no hidden charges. As a consequence I have received a greater return from my collection than if I had sold it in one hit."
RG, Braintree Essex.

"After considering selling my WWI and WWII collection of steel helmets and other items through a well known auction house, in the end I decided to go to Regimentals, who I have dealt with for over 30 years. We reached a consignment agreement and over 120 items were collected in person by Regimentals and transported from France to the U.K. Since January 2013 to August 2013 over half my items have sold and all the proceeds from the sales have been received. They are well organised and offer a terrific service."
BR France.

"I sold my first World War 1 collection to Regimentals over 30 years ago, but continued to deal with them ever since. Last year I decided it was time for the second collection to go. I had accumulated over 30 complete mannequins of WWI and WWII aviation related items. I had never considered consigning items to anyone previously, but Regimentals offered a good deal to me and knowing their honesty and integrity I was happy to allow them to remove the items from my care. My entire collection was insured by Regimentals from the moment it left my home and the items began to be listed on their web site within a matter of days. To date a large percentage has been sold including three very expensive items. I have been paid on time each month with a full detailed print out of each individual sale."
WF Scotland

"Regimentals had a very nice German pickelhaube that I badly wanted to acquire, I had items that I wanted to sell and Regimentals suggested that I lodge the items with them for sale and they managed to move all the items very quickly on my behalf, this enabled me to obtain the pickelhaube that I so desired."
GA Scotland.

We only wish to handle items that are over a potential sales value of 150GBP (190 EUR or 156 USD) per item and we would prefer to have a minimum of 10 items consigned from one consignor, however, higher priced items can be handled on an individual basis.

The advantages for the consignor are that your items are seen on the Militaria website with, probably, the best reputation within the UK and the site has one of the largest followings around the world, this company has been in business since the 1970's and has built a reputation for honesty and integrity.

The other big advantage with consigning to us instead of auctions is as follows:-
Any auction house will insist on their consignor to enter the item or items in an estimate much lower than the correct market value, with the hope that the item will achieve the market value. In the event of the item does not reach a market value the consignor will only receive the low estimate figure, less the sales commission of the auction house, as long as the consignor is not in a hurry to raise the funds from the sale we have a pre agreed figure to offer the item or items for sale, when sold the consignor receives back that agreed figure less our commission rate. Unlike auction houses we do not charge purchasers a buyers commission, which can make the item even more expensive to the purchaser and is detrimental to the consignor.

How it works: ...

You contact us with you items, between us we agree the price to be asked, once the price has been agreed you forward the items to us, your items are fully insured from the moment they reach our premises. They are then entered on our website, obviously no time period can be suggested by us as to when a sale will be achieved but our record is good, if the consignor wishes to set a time limit, that would be agreed beforehand, all postage costs both from customer to us and return postage in the event of a non sale or pre-dated return have to be covered by the consignor.

When e-mailing images of proposed consigned item(s) send to

Our commission rates are variable between 25% & 30% depending on the amount and type of items consigned.

We reserve the right not to accept any item or items that we consider not of appropriate condition or originality for consignment and we would not enter into discussion either written or verbal as to the reasons why we would not accept any particular item.

Please contact us for further details.